ATTENTION The Hidden Health Assassins that keep everyday Americans sick and tired… exposed for your protection!

Recently, The American College of Cardiology released this shocking statistic…

93.2 percent of all American adults are sick!

Here’s why it’s happening and what you can do about it…
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Reclaiming Your Health Is One Step Away

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Every day in the ER, I saw the same patients coming through the doors.
And each time they came in, they were sicker… and sicker… and sicker.

I became so frustrated that I couldn’t do more for these patients. They deserved better
from the “healthcare” system that was supposed to be making them healthy.

I had tried so hard to change the system from the inside. But nothing I did worked.

And then, one day, an unexpected incident pushed me over the edge.

Now, I Need To Share An
Insider Secret With You…

Ralph morbidly obese and struggling to keep up with life.

Every doctor has at least one patient who touches them so profoundly… that they haunt us for the rest of our lives.

For me, that patient was Ralph.

Ralph was 2 years younger than me… but he looked at least 10 years older.

He was an honest, hardworking manwho had a loving family.

Ralph was morbidly obese and was struggling to keep up with life.

The sad part was… I had seen him come into the ER many times over the years.

Doctor analyzing diagnosis.

And each time he came in, his condition was worse. He often went home with another diagnosis or medications to add to the ever-growing list.

I remember vividly when he came in when his blood sugar levels were an absolute mess… but there was a critical difference this time.

This time he also had a raging infection in his leg.

There was only one option… which was to control his sugars and his infection… then, when he was well enough to survive surgery… amputate his leg.

My heart broke. The simple fact is his condition should have never gotten that bad.

The Health System Had Let
Him Down… Massively!

The drugs that were supposed to help him only maintained or barely managed his illness.

They couldn’t and wouldn’t ever correct any of it.

Slowly but surely, Ralph’s future with his family was being stolen from him.

Each hospital visit and each new condition he was diagnosed with robbed him of valuable time with his loved ones.

In the present… and in the future.

As he faced the unavoidable amputation of his leg, Ralph was filled with doubts. He wasn’t sure he’d get to see his young children get married or even meet his future grandchildren.

Ralph health system down.

He Felt Defeated By His Diagnosis

Ralph told me being sick was a full-time job and it consumed everything he did… and didn’t do.

The once active dad didn’t have the energy to play with his kids.

The once active dad…
didn’t have the energy to
play with his kids.

The once passionate husband avoided intimacy with his wife because of his size and performance problems.

The once passionate husband… avoided intimacy with his wife because of his size and performance problems.

The once proud and strong man was a mere shadow of his former self.

The once proud and strong man… was a mere shadow of his former self.

Ralph and his family
deserved better.

Way better!

Seeing what happened to Ralph made me determined to help people at the better end of the health spectrum and make a real difference in their lives.

I went home after my shift and told my wife about what had happened to Ralph.

I Was Almost In Tears As I Told Her The Story Of
How The Medical System Had Let
This Good Man Down

She looked at me and reminded me of how the system had let me down too.

I looked at her puzzled… and she reminded me of what happened to me at Medical School.

Oh, wow! I’d totally blocked that out!

There I was, learning how to make people healthy… yet I was the unhealthiest I had ever been.

Man reading book and eating sandwich.

Before I started Medical School, I was an elite rock climber and a professional mountain guide living in the Rocky Mountains.

I was a fit, strong, and skinny young man in the prime of my life.

In fact, when I left for Med School… I was 155 pounds of pure, lean muscle.

But after 4 super stressful years at Med School… my weight shot up to an unhealthy 190 pounds.

So, to fix the problem, I tried diets, calorie restrictions… and I even starved myself.

But all I lost was ten pounds…AND... my hope of being healthy again.

Before I knew it, I had settled into the idea that 175 - 180 pounds was my new “abnormal” weight.

Then I started five grueling years of residency… and things got way worse.

Even though I was riding my bike, working out, and eating healthy… my weight kept increasing. And it wasn’t muscle!

My Horrible Health Took A Serious Toll On Me!

Doctor couldn't remember patients name.

I had such a bad brain fog that I couldn’t remember patients’ names. And I constantly misplaced my keys and wallet.

It felt like my head was up in the clouds all the time.

And… here’s the kicker!

No matter how much I followed the “advice” I learned at Med School… you know, the advice we’re supposed to give patients… it didn’t work.

But I just knew I couldn’t be the fat, unhealthy doctor who lectures patients about how to be healthy. That’s not how I roll.

And the more I looked into the “pill for every ill” toolbox I’d been given at Medical School…

I realized we were putting band-aids on hemorrhaging severed limbs to make ourselves look and feel better… but the reality was we weren’t fixing a single thing.

All we were doing… was kicking the can down the road to deal with later.

The more I researched, the more I saw the source of my problem and the source of my patient’s problems.

And shockingly, they were the same!

Fast forward to today, not only have I transformed my health and made continued progress in my own journey…

But I’ve now dedicated my life to helping people to rise above their current situation so they can gain clarity, confidence, and HOPE that improving and being healthy IS possible...

My name is Dr. Robert Floyd.

I am the founder of EmpowermentMD.

I’m a highly sought-after Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician. I offer a uniquely holistic (and highly effective) blend of Traditional, Integrative, and Functional Medicine.

I believe in the power of an integrative approach to healthy living. And I’ve helped thousands of people the medical industry gave up on… to improve their health and live a better life!

Through my own journey and from working with thousands of people, I became painfully aware that…The old ways of thinking and the…

Dr. Robert Floyd.

Common Approaches To Health
And Well-Being Don’t Work…
(And In A Lot Of Cases… Can’t Work!)

I’m tired of seeing good people, like Ralph, being let down by a medical system focused on sickness instead of health.

That’s why I’m “bucking the system” and revealing everything I know about how you can reclaim your health… and live a healthier, happier life.

Because isn’t that what it’s about?

The current medical model may help people to live longer…

But what quality of life do you have if you’re sick and unhealthy for the rest of your life?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could live longer… and be healthy so that instead of suffering through the rest of your life, you could enjoy every single moment.

The problem with health in our western world is…

We Don’t Think About Health
Until We Don’t Have It!

This is the exact opposite of the philosophy of Eastern medicine, where health practitioners are focused on health and the whole person.

You may find it interesting to know that if their patients get sick, people look poorly on the practitioner because they failed their patients.

Which is in stark contrast to the Western “Sick Care Cycle” model.

Because when a patient gets sick, it means the entire medical ecosystem profits and thrives.

Meanwhile, the patient gets sicker and sicker.

We all know that there is big money in sickness… and not as much in health.

Which is why we are kept in a cycle of sickness.

But I’m happy to say…

We Don’t Think About Health Until We Don’t Have It!.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

You can break free from the “Sick Care Cycle” at the place where it all begins.

And that freedom begins with what we put into our mouths and our bodies.

Our bodies and cells are being fed a diet of lies, as well as nutritionally empty and toxic food.

The Standard American Diet has lowered the standard of our health more than anything else in the history of humankind.

Now whether you believe in Creation or Evolution, the way we work as humans is… each generation is supposed to be fitter, faster, and stronger than the previous one.

But around 50 years ago… everything changed.

Standard American Diet food pyramid.

The Standard American Diet was published, along with a misleading food pyramid… and it turned the way we eat upside down.

Traditional healthy foods like grass-fed meat and vegetables became the enemy…

And foods like cereals and grains that inflame our delicate bodies and cells became the heroes of the new "healthy way" to eat.

That opened the door for a group of hidden health assassins to enter our diet and ruin our health.

So, What Are These Hidden Health Assassins?

The first one is one you’ve already heard of…Gluten.

But there’s more to the picture than you’re being told about gluten.

Think about this for a moment…

Why does it seem that so many people these days are gluten intolerant?

I mean, there has always been Celiac disease (people who can’t eat gluten because it wreaks havoc on their digestive system) … but that was such a small percentage of the population.

But now many modern-day Americans are having problems processing and digesting gluten.

So why did gluten become a problem around 50 years ago?

The first one is one you’ve already heard of Gluten.

By The Way… It’s Not A Coincidence!

Part of the reason is that the old-fashioned process of making bread used yeast that broke down the gluten during the rising process.

But with the increased demand for the bread products promoted in the Food Pyramid… bread had to be made faster.

So that part where gluten was broken down was skipped… and they added yeast at the end of the process to make things faster.

Girl eating croissant.

However, the main reason that gluten intolerance is more common is…

Because it’s intentionally added to food because it increases our appetite… and because it's cheap.

And even when you try to avoid gluten… unfortunately, it’s hidden or renamed, making it hard to find.

It's literally everywhere, in our food… and it’s even in body care lotions, cosmetics, and shampoos. (Why?) Because its a cheap filler.

And because of the misguided and incorrect Standard American Diet's advice, most people eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

But as humans, we don't have the enzyme to break down gluten.

Gluten particles cause inflammation and wreak havoc on our digestion.

So that’s why gluten is so bad for us…

And why we need to avoid and eliminate this hidden Health Assassin from our diet as much as we possibly can.

Now, as bad as gluten is, it's only one piece of the "Sick Care Cycle."

There Are Many Other Hidden Health Assassins That Are Doing Us Harm!
And I reveal them all in my newly published book…
Book hidden health.

"The Hidden Health Assassins
in the Standard American Diet…
Exposed for your protection!"

Book hidden health.

Once you know how all these Health Assassins
are making and keeping you sick…

you can break free from them and start to reclaim
your health again

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Finally, live without constant discomfort
  • Be able to enjoy physical activities and hobbies again
  • Travel and explore new places
  • Keep your independence and live where you want… for as long as you want
  • Have all the energy you need to get through your day… and have some energy left over for some Adult fun time. (When was the last time that happened?)
  • And… finally, imagine a future with a healthier and happier you right in the center of it.

Well, you don't have to imagine because "The Hidden Health Assassins in the Standard American Diet" will help you know how you can have all that and more in your life.

There Has Never Been A More Critical Time
To Get Your Health Back In Order

Do you remember the shocking statistic I mentioned earlier from The American College
of Cardiology?

93.2 percent of all American adults are sick!

Well, they get even scarier!

66% of Americans are overweight or obese.
66% of Americans are
overweight or obese
Over 50% of Americans are diabetic.
Over 50% of Americans
are diabetic
47% have high blood pressure.
47% have
high blood pressure
More than 50% of men have erectile dysfunction.
More than 50% of men have
erectile dysfunction
For the first time in history, statistically,
children will NOT live longer than their parents!

And now, for the first time ever, non-communicable diseases (ones you can't catch) have a higher mortality rate than infectious diseases. That's unheard of!

In fact, these statistics are absolutely unacceptable. And if you're not saddened, angry, or even outraged about these statistics… you need to be.

book hidden health opened on tablet.

If not for yourself… but for your children and future generations that will be born into a system of sickness and die way before their time in the very same system.

That outrage is what has fueled my mission to save as many lives as I can.

And the best way I can do that is to share what I know with as many people as I can.

That's why I wrote "The Hidden Health Assassins in the Standard American Diet… Exposed for your protection!"

Inside this revealing book, I share:

  • Why we are the most vulnerable generation in human history. And how you can escape the fate you're being served up
  • How to find the gluten in your food, even when they try to hide it from you. When you know this, you can't ever be tricked again!
  • The surprising everyday ingredients that often include gluten. (Even vegetable protein products aren't safe!)
  • When you may not need to cut out all gluten from your diet. (Unless you have these 3 specific disorders… then you totally should!)
  • The worst type of wheat to eat and why you need to avoid it as though your life depends on it (because it actually does!)
  • The one food that instantly depletes our energy when we eat it. What it is, and the horrific effect it's having on our mortality rate
  • How sick animals are creating food that makes us sick. (And why, even if you eat meat-free, you still may not be safe.)
  • The disturbing link between the antibiotics used to produce our food and the rise in obesity (and other diseases and disorders)
  • How the Standard American Diet has been used to make Americans "fat, dumb, and happy." And the best way to reclaim your health and even start to reverse "untreatable" or chronic conditions
  • The shocking ingredient commonly found in children’s meals and why you should never let your children eat them
  • Why the thinking of “you are what you eat” needs to change to “you are what your food eats” (You’ll be shocked at the level of human interference in our food chain!)
  • And much more…

I don't hold back because I want you to know
why you and your loved ones are getting sick

Book hidden health


Which is why I've made this book as affordable as I can.

You can get your copy of "The Hidden Health Assassins in the Standard American Diet… Exposed for your
today for just $27.

That’s less than most people would spend on a so-called healthy meal at almost any restaurant.

But unlike that not-so-healthy meal… you'll have the information in my groundbreaking book to help you for the rest of your life.

Because one thing I know is… it’s all about your healthy lifestyle.

And because I also know that diets fail… lifestyles don’t!

So to reward you for taking action toward your healthy lifestyle, I'll give you 2 bonuses to make this an absolute no-brainer…

Time-Optimized Eating Quickstart Guide
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Book time optimized

$49 Free

You might notice I haven't used the commonly used terms, Intermittent Fasting or Time-Restricted Feeding. And there's a good reason for that.

It's because no one wants to fast. After all, it sounds like you're depriving yourself… and feeding? Well, feeding makes it sound like you're an animal at the trough.

Besides, Time-Optimized Eating is different. It's all the good parts of Intermittent Fasting… with none of the bad stuff. Plus, I've included my own tips and tricks to make it easier and more fun.

I know how powerful Time Optimized Eating can be from my own personal experience and from the feedback from thousands of my patients.

My simple-to-follow Time Optimized Eating Guide will help you see how easy it is to do… and gives you the best way to integrate it into your life.

Dr. Floyd’s Top 10 Foods to Improve Your Gut
Health Guide
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Book gut health

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When our gut is unhealthy, it means we don't absorb the nutrients from the food we eat.

So, our cells starve and don't get the nourishment they need to be and stay healthy.

And that means we get sick.

I'll share my Top 10 Foods to Improve Your Gut Health… and don't worry… they are all easy to find (plus an added #11...that will surprise you).

And best of all, they are delicious as well as nutritious.

You'll get these 2 bonuses when you purchase "The Hidden Health Assassins in the Standard American Diet… Exposed for your protection!" today.

Reclaiming Your Health Is One Step Away

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So why am I doing all this?

I want you to avoid the same kind of fate that Ralph and my patients had.

They all deserved better… and so do you.

The simple fact is our health system is actually a "sickness" system that has no intention of making you healthy.

So, you need to know how to look after yourself.

And that's where I come in.

Its our mission at EmpowermentMD, to help people like you to be empowered and reclaim your basic birthright… which is to be healthy.

You deserve to live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.
You deserve to live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Because I know healthier people make better communities… and better communities make a better world.

That's exactly the kind of world I want to live in.

Don't you? Come and join me.

And to help you come and join me, I’ll take away any risk or doubt you may have.

Let's not get you to fully commit to yes or no
today… because I want you to make a fully
informed decision

And the only way you can make a fully informed decision is by reading the book, not before you read it.

When you get the book, you'll get to see that everything I've said on this page is true and see it's genuinely valuable to you.

And then, when you see it with your own eyes, that's when you decide to keep it.

If it's not for you, there’s no hard feelings.

This way, you can make the best possible decision about the book and the bonuses.

Book hidden health opened on tablet.

I understand that it may be hard to make this decision right now for the same reason you don't buy a house without first looking at the inside of it.

And know this… whether it's 14 minutes or 14 days from now… if you aren't happy, I'm not happy.

So, if for any reason whatsoever you want your money back, you'll get it because I only want to keep your money if and when you're happy..

All you have to do is email me within 14 days at and let me know it's not for you.

So, click on the button below, and let's get you healthy again!

Here’s a quick recap of
EVERYTHING you get for $27

Book hidden health

"The Hidden Health Assassins
in the Standard American Diet…
Exposed for your protection!"

Book time optimized.
$49 Free


Time-Optimized Eating
Quickstart Guide

Book gut health
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My Top 10 Foods to Improve
Your Gut Health Guide

Give your family, friends, and loved ones more quality time with you. They deserve it… and so do you!

Reclaiming Your Health Is One Step Away

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We don’t work with people until they know about our philosophy… and until we know how we can help them.

But can you really help me? My own doctor hasn’t been able to help me.

You can continue to work with your medical doctor, but if they haven’t been able to help you so far… you need to try something or someone different. I know how little we are taught at Medical School about nutrition and non-pharmaceutical medicine.

The reason I know more than your doctor is because I have gotten out of my comfort zone and sought out training from world class teachers.

Even if you never work with me, you need to be your own best advocate. This means if they aren’t helping you get healthy… you need to speak up. No one should be more invested in your health than you are.

You deserve to be healthy and happy.

Why do you care so much? Other Doctors don’t!

As I said, I’ve seen what happens in the “sickcare system,” and it infuriates me. I’ve seen too many people be let down or “written off” by the system they trusted to help them.

I spent years trying to change the system from the inside, and it almost destroyed me. We spend so much time, money, and energy on our training that it’s hard to just walk away from it all. But. I realized to make the impact I want to make, I needed to step outside the system.

So that’s what I’ve done. I want to help people at the right end of the health spectrum so they can live the kind of life they desire and deserve.

It can be hard to trust people on the internet. Are you even a real doctor?

I totally get it. And, yes, I am a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician.

It’s totally natural to be a little skeptical, as long as it doesn’t stop you from doing what you need to get your health back.

I want to help you, which is why I’m giving you a 14-day Peace of Mind, 100% money back Guarantee.